Senior Care of Goldsboro, Inc. Assisted Living
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Our Staff
All of our staff is trained to meet the needs of your loved one. There is a full time Registered Nurse (RN) at Senior Care of Goldsboro Inc who is also the Assisted Living Manager and Owner. She has 20 years experience as an RN and is available anytime she is needed to meet the needs of the Residents. Our staff is compassionate and loving. Residents will have peace of mind knowing that we are there to assist them 24 hours a day.

Tammy Merson, RN, BSN, ALM, DN, Owner
Tammy is the owner and Delegate Nurse and Manager at Senior Care of Goldsboro, Inc.    She also lives in Goldsboro with her husband of 20 years, two children and her father, Dan.  She graduated from nursing school in December of 1995. She has worked in many different setting including hospitals, schools, private duty and home health.  
Residents Aids
We also employee qualified wonderful Resident Aids to assist residents with ADL's, prepare meals, provide laundry services, provide companion services, and complete other housekeeping services.