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Respite Care
What is Respite Care?

We at Senior Care of Goldsboro, Inc care for your loved
one at our home while you take a vacation, go on a business,
go out of town, or just take a much needed break. Whatever
 the reason, we can provide your loved one with all the 
services we would provide to our long term residents,
but on a short term bases. Respite Care is an invaluable 
option for families who, for whatever reason, temporarily 
need help providing care for a loved one. 

Our Respite Care program offers the same
high quality, licensed assisted living care and
services for adults on a short-term basis, 
making it the perfect solution for your 
alternate caregiver needs.

And Respite Care is an attractive option for 
adults who need assistance with day-to-day 
living but want to ‘test the waters’ of an assisted living home before committing to a permanent move. 

Here is the process for Respite Care:

1. If you are looking for Respite Care for your loved one, talk to them about the
 benefits of Respite Care.  

2. Set up a time to come and visit my home.  

3. Then I would need to complete the Resident Assessment Tool. This tool is 
used to provide a score to determine the level of care required. Currently we 
accept Level 1 and 2 out of 3.  Approximately 24 hours is needed to complete this assessment

4. There is also a packet of information that will he provided to you including privacy information, Application for Respite Care, Respite Care Agreement, Food Preferences, Activities Like and Dislikes, and Permission to obtain medical information from health care providers.

5. Once the Level of Care is determined and all required paperwork has been obtained, Respite Care can be provided.

$200.00 per day.  Payment is required in full the first day the Resident is brought to Senior Care of Goldsboro, Inc.