Assisted Homes

Our Home is YOUR Home

At Senior Care of Goldsboro, Inc, we understand the difficulty it takes to place your loved one in someone else’s care. We understand the worry and the concerns that you might have about leaving your loved one in care of someone you don’t know. Finding the perfect place for your loved one is a tough decision. We can provide you with peace of mind by providing a happy, comfortable, secure and healthy place for your loved one to call home.

What makes us different from all the other assisted livings?

What makes my home different from the others is that our large home in terms of square footage but small in that we only house 4 Residents. Because we are small, we can offer closer supervision of daily care needs and medical needs. My staff have a family centered attitude and treats each person with the dignity and respect that all human beings deserve. My staff also keeps everyone very involved and on the move with activities at home and in the community. Our activites will keep you interested.  We plan outtings often.  If you don’t want to participate, thats ok, you can still come along and observe and be a part of the event.  There is plenty to do at home too both indoors and outside!